Thursday, August 12, 2010

I have finished up sewing individual piececs of the black and white simulation cloth book on one side. The other side is the colour contrast . Inside each cloth, I have stuff in things like sponge, little bells, bean sprout husks, some plactic bag sheets. The main idea is to create attention for the babies and to train their hearing and feels as well.

Saw in some websites that from 0-3 mths, baby can only sees mostly black and white object.From 3-6 months they can see colours.These are some basic ideas which I got from other website and then modify them to be my very own crafts. Finally steps is to attach each piece side by side using hand sew .Might try to finish them
by this weekend. After looking at the whole craft,I simply have to agree that am not a sewing person at all. Some sewing pattern are slanted. Guess, I can still get at least 50 marks at least since this is the very first time I did a whole piece of craft using sewing ? Well, I guess if one day I have a baby of my own , I will be proud to give she or he this present from my heart. Some of you may say I am so kiasu .... busy for nothing at this moment. Sometimes I do have some doubts when I am doing the baby crafts thing. I started to suspect I am into depression after losing the baby. But I still diligently committed and continue it since I enjoy every moment of it. I am just like a baby , u know , trying to learn things, try to sew thing I have never done before and to do it right.

I have also do some reading on parenting materials from public library.Even bought books from page one,popular(English and chinese) materials .From what's need to know before pregnancy. What kind of food to be taken in preparation before conceiving.What are the things need to do for "胎 教"。 What I can say is that I found alot of shocking truth of why baby tends to deform during the 1st 3 months of pregnancy and the importance of "胎 教"。 This of which I did not have a single knowlege during my last pregnancy.

Recently , I manage to borrow the popular Glenn Doman book "How to teach baby math " from the public library. One thing that Glenn Doman mention is that "Be smart , Start ahead so that you can have ample time to prepare enough materials . "And also like start not for tomorrow but for the future . Finally, I did something RIGHT what Glenn doman mention .Another thing is to start ahead as not to be panic when the real thing come. Right now , I am also reading books on child development and also actively join in parents forum just to gain knowlege on early pregnancy and child program.Really there's so much things to learn ! I am indeed kiasu .