Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jyn's learning milestone

I am amaze at the learning ability of young children.Actually,I have been quite dliligently teaching Jyn alphabets and numbers and all the while he was quite playful and I never expect him to absorb all information while he plays.

Till one day, I actually try to "test" and ask him to repeat after me , eg "1" . And quite amazingly I heard he say "2". I continue to say "3" and he cited the next number "4". And I continued with him till we reach the last number and he says"10 !"
.I am truely amazed.Ok,even I have no clue if he really knows what come after next number or he memorized them,but I am satisfied with his progress at around 18 months then.

Today he is 19 months coming to 20, my aim is to let him hum the ABC songs ( at least ) and maybe to let him know well on the 26 alphabets before 24 months.My ambitions, bad mum !

Anyway, will update this blog again along the way.