Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Book reading

We have done quite a number of readings recently, mostly before Jyn's bedtime.And I know that we both enjoy the bonding time together and I hope the feeling will last till ... when he is old enough to do reading on his own.

We have a list of owned books which I bought it from book fair or during shopping .And of course , some were borrowed from the local library. But I will try to balance both as understand young children love reptitions and by owning the books , I will be able to read his favourite books over and over again by picking off the shelve.Another advantage of owning books is children will ABSORB more on repetition. They will tend to remember well on the type of writing and of course increase his vocabulary library.

So this may act as an good excuse on buying books ;)

I will continue to add on the list of books we have spent reading together.These may not be award winning books , but I find them worth to read as I find that they have exceptional good contents inside.

The book "the itsy bitsy spider " is a well known rhyme that everyone including small children's favourite.
Frankly speaking, there are over hundreds of similar rhyme in the bookstore and library and what I love is the author , Iza Trapani put in different ways of retelling the rhyme .There are more than 2 ways of putting different words to this rhyme. And also I love the cool watercolour with pencil drawing on the pictures .It can be bought from amazon if you like to find out more.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

04 May 2013 -The art of the brick exhibition- Nathan Sawaya

On last Saturday, We headed over to the Art  Science of Museum beside Marina Bay Sand for the "the art of the brick " exhibition.I am always amazed of how LEGO can be converted to arts and when I saw that there's such exhibition last year, I am yearned and looking forward to it. As Jyn was still very young last year, I decided to catch this somewhere this year. After knowing that this exhibit is going be extended till end of this month, I am not going to waste any more time and decided to bring Jyn and my mum for this fantastic exhibition.

It was drizzling when we reached there. Not much crowd actually. I guess because this exhibition is going to end prettty soon, maybe that was the reason .

Take note that for Singapore citizen, the ticket will be SGD13 for adult and senior citizen SGD12. Child is $8 and below 2 is free.Wow, this exhibit is highly recommended by CNN :) . There are total of 52 of Nathan's Sawaya 's work which he brought specially here.

It wasn't a big area and the space was divided according to different themes I guess.Before you enter the artist's studio you will briefed by the exhibition attendants of what are the things are allowed inside the hall.Take note that though you can took photograph of the art works, but flash light was not allowed. The only reason I could think of is not to disturb others while appreciating the works.

Some of the works are done by Nathan years back and we were lucky that we need not travel far to USA yet still able to watch his signature pieces  :)

Most of his works are human statues which reflected on his views on human lives and philosophy.And this really had done a great amount of impact during his creation of arts.A famous quote,a picture can speak a millions words and this is certainly true in Nathan Sawaya works.

Amost 90% of his works only work in 1 tone color and what can I say, arts means simple and less is more .

I couldn't agree more. Imagaination is everywhere around us and what we need is to look deeper and we can create anything out of simplicity which looks beyond of what may concur.

My little enginner @ work. Generating ideas , drafting on plan and testing and ...... final product ( with mummy's help of course :)

This is one of kids' favourite. Thanks to nathan whose creativity is far way beyond of any of us can imagine.This is make up of 80,000 pieces of lego blocks.

This is consider as Nathan's most simple art works which is call the "finger maze".
Did anyone of you think that lego can create mazes?I guess kids will be facinated by this 4 pieces of mixed colour mazes.

Anyone guess what this is ? Hint : This can be found on the floor...
It's ...............reflexology time !
Yes Nathan, you are right.We can create ANYTHING out of lego.

  Lego "portrait painting " .This is awesome.

There are of course many more of Nathan Sawaya's work other then I posted here.Do pay a visit if you can till 26 May 2013.
Venue: The Art Science Museum @ marina bay sand
Operating hours : 10 am - 10 pm ( last entry 9 pm )

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Toy cars zone - Part 2

We are in the Toy car zone theme this week. I have bought the Tomica construction box set @ kiddy palace Tampines ($29.95 before 10% discount ).Jyn was very curious at this age ( 22 months) and is facinated at how the crane works.This box can allows 4 cars to be park and of course you can add additional cars as "bonus" if you like.This box is very convenient as it can also act as tibits or snack box if the child do not want to play with the cars. Hope this keep my little fellow busy for awhile :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Toy Cars Zone

Recently trying to add some collection of small die cast toy cars for my little fellow. I find he hardly has any of these.Not trying to pamper but would like him to have some exposure on these little things.Come on,
isn't it weird that Boys don't have cars ?

Manage to find this economic "Fast track" "Hot Wheel" cars in Toysrus.$3.90 per piece.Ok, I am not a car lover, but was attracted to these bright colour cars and thought Jyn would love them.

Fruits Recognition

This was taken just 2 weeks ago @ nearby NTUC with Jyn. Taking this opportunity to
introduce fruits again to enhance on his vocabulary.