Monday, October 22, 2012

@ Hokey Pokey - 20 Oct 2012


We decided to head off to another indoor playground on Saturday after attended John's birthday party 2 weeks ago. I have no idea where this kiddy place is located till I found some direction guidance from one of the mummy blogger and it makes finding the place alot easier.
I always HATED to go Suntec area as I find that it is a far walking distance from Raffles city station.And seems like there's always some stairs which make strollers unaccessible , not children friendly place.
Anyway,I decided to visit the place as seems like by using circle lines (stop at promanade station)it is much convenient as it is just outside the carrefour ( go towards the direction of old town white coffee shop). When we came out just outside the station , unfortunately, the station welcome us with few steps of stairs :( So for mummies who are bringing your stroller along,
please remember to bring a light weight one.

Hokey Pokey is located on the 3rd floor at the MPG area ( near Eng wah cinema ).MPG section
is a very cramp and "maze" shape which you need to walk and turn following the shops flow.
Hokey pokey is just located beside groupon collection counters. When you see lots of people queueing at groupon , you won't miss Hokey pokey.

The Playground is not that big.Just maybe occupy 2 units of big shopfront.Looking through the window, Im fascinate by the toys and the ball playground and some role plays station.
Not a bad choice. I decided not to sign up as memeber as Im not sure how Jyn would love the place. Paid $35 , 3 person for a 2hrs play session.Seems like quite a good deal.

Jyn wasn't too scared this time round, quite surprising.Initally he was quite refrained from going into the pool of balls.After demonstrating by going into into the pool ourselves , he decided to follow us. The balls are softer compared to polliwogs and MORE BALLS .He truely enjoyed after a few plunges with slides and cover himself full of BALLS.Not long , a caucasian  boy came by and started to play with Jyn.He followed whenever Jyn went. HAHA , Jyn's new international friend.

Jyn was more interested in walking and exploring the green colour steps mat rather than play other toys.

At the centre of the playground had a big set of castle meant for BOYS.
but Jyn just simply not interested.Guess more suitable for kids above 4 yrs old.

He prefered to play kitchen set ....Alright, he's a family young man.

And he loves BALLS .... and can't get away from any sight of anything related to shape of balls and balloons.
Full selections of TOYS and they are neatly laid in each cubicles.
Well done Hokey Pocky.
Jyn just enjoyed using the toy broom to sweep all the area of Hokey Pocky.
Now the area is spick and span . 

The little multi-task fireman playing music and tamborine same time. 

One good thing in Hokey Pokey is there's a cozy reading corner for kids situated right at the end of the playground.Not a wide selection of books but just to keep the child occupy and it's
great time for parents /child's bonding .
Another great activty for children.Purpose of the game is to let young children has a basic concept of shapes and colours.This trained their motot skills as well as they need to remove the block from the black velco stitched on the wall.I guess children love to hear the sizzzzzing sound each time the block is remove from the wall. 

BUBBLES TIME !! Hokey Pokey will gether all kids around at the counter for bubble times.I am not
sure which time slots they will have this. Jyn walked quickly to see the magnificent bubbles . He was amazed and Im sure all kids there enjoyed the time with music and chasing after the bubbles.

Overall we do enjoyed ourselves at Hokey Pokey.But seems like 1hr and 45 mins  is enough for us to explore  different toys.We left the place 0.5 hr earlier to catch some snacks and rest at old town coffee shop downstairs. And forgot to mention earlier that the premises provide lockers for your belongings for FREE.

I feel Jyn loves this kind of enviroment as compared to the big crawling adventurous tunnel playgorund.I will need to google more on any playground venue for our future outings.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New activites

I am trying to search for some more fun activties for him whether indoor or outdoor playground.He may get quite stubborn and it requires exceptional efforts to get him accept new stuffs.It's a challenging task for me.

Jyn’s phobias

1) haircut

2) indoor playground  Need to introduce different concepts play as he still not willing to accept new things

3) injection

4) Swimming

Indoor Playgrounds
1) Happy Willow
2) Hockey Pocky
3) The Polliwogs
4) Amazonia
5) Tickle Tickle
6) Figets
7) Jumperzillas
8) Peek-A-Boo Playground

I am checking this Hockey Pocky concept play this weekend as I received good reviews from many mothers. I guess this play suited him as it involved more toy plays then physical movement play.

Will update my blog again.

Attending John's 2nd birthday party

It's a fun afternoon attending John's 2nd birthday party held at Polliwog @ robertson walk.
I like the indoor playground which is quite cozy with party rooms , eatery and  specific playgrounds for both toddlers and elder kids.At first Jyn wasn't very comfortable with the new environment introduce to him . It's quite overwhelming at his age and he is not ready for any adventurous activites and keep crying. He did try his best to mix but still withdrawn with an unfamiliar surrounding.Was about to give up and just left the party event when 2 caucausian boys started to play peekapoo with Jyn in the rotating merry go round. Ah ha !Now It seems to keep him delighted and he keep giggling for awhile.Peekaboo was his all time favourite.
At least we are getting somewhere.Ok, we decidde to try something more "adventurous" which is in the balls playground.

The main purpose is just to get him involved on the floor and be socialise awhile. The durartion of entertaining him by helping him to raise curiosity was sharp.After around 15 mins of play, he seems like he's not ready to leave this new playground !
With kids who were younger than him and more spontaneous. I need to keep encouraging Jyn that he is doing well and there's no need to be alarmed.

By coming near to 1pm , the party organzier finally served the lunch after few rounds of children games. It was a good snack lunch with Pizzas, Spagetti with Tomoto , chicken nuggets, spring rolls, drinks , etc.
Food was sufficient to go around and I simply love the pizza which was well made and hot when served.
Finally after the cake cutting session, we decided to leave the venue as Jyn started to get cranky and can see that he was very tired and sleepy.