Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Food for mini confinement

After my D/C in Mar'10. I have went through 20 days mini confinement .I guess the confinement thing applys to most asians only as we believe that mothers have gone through D/C or miscarraiges are very weak in bodies and the harm is more greater than normal full term delivery. For the duration of confinement that will depends on individual. Some prefer to have a full 1 month confinement , others 2 weeks. For myself, I do it for a period of 20 days.

So I will share here on what type of food I have eaten during my mini confinement period.
Basically regular meals are encourage.


1) Biscuits + Milo / Bread + Milo or chocolate drink ( Milo drinks are to be make with boiled water with red dates only )

1) water boiled with chinese red dates
I was told not to drink plain water during confinement period. Drinks are to be consumed hot /luke warm with chinese red dates.
Confinement menu ( 1st day - 7th Day - during menses)

Biscuits + Milo / Bread + Milo or chocolate drink ( Milo drinks are to be make with boiled water with red dates only )

-Lunch & dinner
1) Small gai lan fry with old ginger .Use sesame oil to cook instead of normal oil for all cooking
2) Shallow fried Cod fish with old ginger.
3) fried Pig liver with sesame oil
4) Steam egg with sesam oil with old ginger
5) fried 4 season beans with seasme oil with old ginger
6) pig's kidney fried with old ginger , add some sesame oil ( this believe to help strengthen
the kidney function )

Below are meals which you can try after menses are clear.Normally, you can include wine
into the dishes.
1) chinese red wine cook with lean meat

2) chicken drumstick ( recommended to use kampung female chicken ) steam with martell liquor. Just put the drumstick into a small container make of clay. Fill the martell till it just cover the whole drumstick. Steam till the drumstick is cooked. Drink the martell soup.
Note: Don't worry on you are not a good drinker. Alcohol substances are evaporated during cooking.

3) D.O.M every night before bedtime is recommended after menses are clear.D.O.M is a blood circulation health wine. So to prevent excessive of blood lose during menses, it is more advisable after menses .

4)After the 12th day ( menses should be clear by then ), need to buy fresh pig stomach .
Cleaning thoroughly is essentail to avoid any stink from the stomach. After cleaning, put the pig stomach into a bigger container for soup preparing. Use pepper ( those big ones ), and put into the cotainer and use water to boil tilled cooked.

5)Cook kampong chicken lean meat using chinese red wine.Add old ginger and 木耳( black chinese fungus ) into the dishes.
Note: Black chinese fungus is a very very good source of iron nourishment ( contain 97% iron out of all food !) . Surprisingly it is better than pig liver.

Due to different dialact group , there's many different ways of cooking confinement dishes . Above recommendations are just for your references only. Most important things are to take good care .Eat well and sleep well in order to nourish back the important nourishment loss.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Black and white

Here's a set of black and white fabric which I intend to sew it together with the colour figures
which shown on my previous post.They are not that perfect though in terms of symmetrical .

Monday, July 12, 2010

Little crafts

These are little fabric book which I make myself.The picture shown are individual fabric pages are not sewn together yet. Where do I get the pictures ?Well, they can be search easily onlines . Some of it I have modify myself in terms on colours and fabric as well and some creativity. Some ideas I got from craft books which I bought from popular book stores and kinokuniya. I admit Im not a sewing person , yes, Im not using sewing machine...all fully HANDSEWN ...hahahah.... the strings sewn are not equally same length.And the back of the fabric books are fill up with untidy crawling strings spider goodness ! Anyway!

Btw,the measurement of the figures are base on my estimation. They have no exact measurements . The size of the fabric I am working on is 15 Cm X 15 Cm. So The project is still on going .. I will publish here once they are completed : )

mischevious monkey on
the tree

crouching tiger !
Dirty pinkish piglet

Penguine on ice !

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chicken soup for the soul

This is one episode in my life which make me having some long thoughts on how lucky I am
and it did inspires me. A little chicken soup for the soul to share for those mothers who some how still grieving over their lost babies or whoever out there who are still trying to have a grip on their lifes.

I do own a little blogshop online selling beauty and accessories products like most of people out there , just to earn some extra cash and I do enjoy meeting up with customers as well. My business started since 2009 and it continues to grow during my 1st pregnancy. But unfortunately , I have to give up my baby and due to over grief, I have stop my online business for awhile.Till recently, I have decided to pick up my business again.
Customers are getting more this time round and I am over thrilled ! One day,there is this lady who has send me email to ask for a beauty product I am selling and ok, I do have immediate stocks for her.In her sms she is very excited by saying yippee, she want to get the items ASAP. So she decided to opt for meet up for the item and that was fine for me as well.
Just before the meet up, she send me a sms ..something like "hey , See you tonight at XXX Mrt control station.... btw when you see a short gal in a wheel chair , that's me ! "

The moment when I see that sms , alot of thoughts came into my mind .... I decided to waive off handling charges for her which I normally charge for others .The next moment , I sms her telling her that. After awhile she reply with sms with appreciation ( I can feel from the sms ).
Our meet up suppose to be 7pm . I was early that evening , reaching 15 mins before the actual time. The control station is over packed with commuters and passer bys. Well, Since I was abit
early, I try to look out for any person which is in wheel chair as she describe.

Unfortunately, she was not there . I keep looking at my time shown on my iphone when it shown 5 mins past 7pm. I started to be abit worried on her...Questions were flashing through my minds .Was she caught in a Jam or was there anything happening or she decided not to meet up last min ? I decided to sms her which I normally did for customers who are late.

Less than a min, I received a blinking message apologizing that she was a bit late ...asking me to wait for a little while. After seeing that, I feel more relieved making sure she was safe during the journey.And also abit remorsed,hey can't I just have some patient on people who are handicapped ?? While waiting, I walked throughout the control station area, making sure I did not missed her in any secs. Just when I thought, I saw a wheel chair coming out from the exit of the gate.Of course, she don't know I saw her as I did not describe of how my appearance is before. I quickly went up to her , passing through the crowds just to appear in front of her.

On the wheel chair is a young girl which looks like in her teens .Due to some deforms of her legs, she has covered up her legs with her bag laying on.
At that moment, I recall the sms . No wonder she says she is a short girl cos normally people can't see her legs and that's why .....
Her brightest smile I ever seen when I put her ordered items on her wheelchair.

She immediately forked out the exact amount to me. Actually, this is a shocking scene for me and I don't know how to handle .. I just simply say hey , where you stay ? You take good care ok ,bye! She still smiling with acknowlegment.
After that I leave the scene biding good bye to her.

Actually she was staying in woodlands, which is few stations from where we meet up. I felt very very regretted that since I already know she is handicapped, I should have suggested to her at least meet her at woodlands MRT. I went down the escalator and kept looking at the gate entrance whether she has entered and yes, I saw her going through the gate.

I felt very very bad at that moment and I feel I was insensitive by making inconvenience for her. My eyes were red all the way through the crowd. I asked myself how can god be so unfair to a teenage girl like her , how can it be ?? Just went I was out of the building , I got a deep breath and try to control myself , I received a text on my iphone.

It was her ! She sent me a message saying that she feel very thankful for the item and asked me to contact her if I have any new items .See if what can she help me to buy .
This text really broke me to tears. I can never imagine that what happen to her can make her more optimistics than normal people. She is saying what can she help me .....

I apologize to her saying, Im really really sorry to her and will meet up at woodlands for her if next time she is buying anything from me.This is what I can do for her at that moment.
Alot of soul searching for me the next few days . In the past, I always complain in life, why am I given this treatment, why I do not have a great job, why I have to go through break up with boyfriend, why this , why that.

Trust god, he has his own reason. Everyone is given a task to accomplish don't always feel that life owe you something. The paths that each and everyone of us are different , after walking through them , you will start to appreciate .Yes, sometimes life break us ,BUT it nurtures us to make us stronger also. This is what I got the answer from the little incident.

Mothers who have lost their little ones , like myself, Please pull ourselves together.
Don't bury ourselves in sollows for long, or else sun will never shine on our side.
Do things that inspires you: go for a movie, join fan club , Open a small blogshop to keep you busy for a little while , have a sharing moments with our husband , go for donation , read a self enrichment book, do handicrafts ( maybe for our future little ones ) and that's what I am doing it now : ) , eat well , sleep well ....You see, there's so many things we can do !Sooner later, I hope you will have a little joy of bundle yourself and became a better person.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

TCM goes on...and on..

Well, yesterday I have went for my usual TCM reviews again after 2 weeks. After hearing from my female chinese physician, it seems that I have recuperate faster now, with my menses this month has been regulated to 28 days and the my womb seems react quite well with the supplements and the chinese medicine. So seems like good news to me. Beside my own medication this time, The physician also prescribe some USANA supplements for my husband to build up his immune and overall well being.

Right now I am taking 3 type of USANA supplements and they are all are recommended by my physician .I am quite amazed that my phyisican mention that the supplements can help to release the eggs from the womb and the supplements can help to release blockage of fallopian tube . I still don't get it , they are just vitamins and minerals. Can they do wonders ??
Try to search more info on the web,but there's no no scientific ground...anyway, Just take with my chinese medicine with some faiths.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Recuperating from TCM

This is the very 1st post on a new blog since my D/C 4 months ago.This is my 1st pregnancy after 7th months of marriage and I have to make the toughest choice in my life after 12 weeks 5 days to let it go.
Now everything seem like history and it may represent a new chapter in my life again or I intend to bury the unpleasant past ....whatever. I can't run away from my life isn't it . I need to accept what is given to me and here I am.
By taking up responsibility to myself .. I should say my body, I have decided to go for TCM treatment to build up my body strength again.This week suppose to be my 4th session and so far so good.I am suppose to finish the six session of TCM before my "sin seh" given the green light to conceive again. 4 months of tedious days looks like weeks and months seem like years for me and my menses had gone haywire for 3 consecutive months. But I see there's some improvement day by day. I don't feel tired easily during working hours anymore. Thanks to my TCM treatment and my lates menses seem to resume back this time.But have to monitor for the next few months. And I expect my HCG level to go back to 0 ? I hope so. Vitamins and Folic acid are also must during these periods to ensure Im not deficiency in any of them. Not easy right ? Now all these seem to be my main course in my daily meal.