Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baby Fair Events 2011

Below are some baby fairs schedule for 2011 which someone provides on forum.
1. Takashimaya Baby Fair 2011
Dates: 9 to 28 March 2011
Venue: Takashimaya Singapore

2. Mothercare Baby Fair
Dates: 3 to 13 March 2011
Venue: Harbour Front Centre Level 3

3. Baby Care Festival 2011
Dates: 18 to 20 March 2011
Time: 11a.m. to 8p.m.
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 6B

4. Baby Expo
Dates: 22 to 24 Apr 2011
Time: (Fri & Sat) 11a.m. to 9p.m., (Sun)11a.m. to 8p.m.
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 6A

5. Motherhood Fair Date : 2-5 June (TBC)

6. Baby Expo Date : 1-3 July 2011
Time : 11am – 9pm (Sunday: ends at 8pm)
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 6B
7. Baby Expo Date : 21-23 October 2011
Time : 11am – 9pm (Sunday: ends at 8pm)
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 5B

Monday, March 7, 2011

Journey to Pregnancy

I am on my mid way through my first pregnancy , currently in my 23 weeks ! Woohoo !
It is really a facinating experience to be able to feel your little one so close with those butterfly feeling and kicks in my womb.My appetite has come back which is a good sign.But I still keep my diets to 3 meals per day.Is it too little ??! Some of my colleagues say they ate up to 6 meals in between each meal.Wow!Not as I am on diet ( I know I am not suppose to !! ), but just feel I got bloated stomache after every meal.Since now it is in my mid pregnancy, it also means I can start shopping for my little one asap. Actually I have not really get many baby stuffs yet. Right now , I only got a small paper bag of stuffs only. I admit I am a cautious buyer as I don't wish to get too many unnecessary items and eventually just cast it aside.
Baby items I have bought during Feb'11 Metro fair (20% discount):
1)2 milk bottles - 1 NUK and 1 Avent bottle for new born
2)1 milk powder container for outdoor
3)1 bottle brush
4)2 sets mittens and bootes
5)1 pack cotton bud

Yes , that's all !!! Maybe due to first time mum, I also not very sure of what really need to buy. I will also be saving up alot on big ticket items like stroller, car seat, breast milk pump, feeding chair etc as some will be pass down from friends and relatives.
I am also looking forward to bigger fair like Taka baby fair which going to take place on 9 - 27 Mar. Most likely I will go down on 13 Mar to get a list of things which I intend to get.

Things to get at Taka Baby fair 2011:
1)breast pads
2)playpen bed
3)teaks for NUK and Avent bottle
4)Cotton balls
5)maternity belt
6)cloth diapers
7)outdoor changing mat
8)nursing bra
10)receiving blanket
11)baby head cushion for car seat
And forgot to mention, I have went to mothercare fair 2011 held last week and quite disappointed, I don't really find the items are worth to get even further reduce to 50% discount. Eg , I am looking at diaper bag and they are really really expensive at normal price.After 50% discount, I still need to get it near to $100 for just a diaper bag. Some items worth to get are maybe sterilizer which I saw many moms are grabbing as if free.Even babycot are premium type which I still find expensive after discount.
In the end , I only bought 2 toys for infant.