Thursday, January 3, 2013

Books Books !

Recently, I am in the book zone mood and decided to brush up my personal development skill.
Not very sure of what I intend to do. And the most common topic which everyone will need or have to master is financial freedom.So have started to look up in library on such topics.
Actually, Im not very savy onto this kind of topic and and decided to look up something interesting which I can share with my son when he's older and for me to relearn.

I have came across this book titled "Raising a $mart kid".This is written by Rosina Simon.
She was a ex senior banker who has a rich background on financial market and has been working in HSBC,citibank and JPMorgan for the past 20 over years.And she decided to give herself a break by becoming an author for her first book.

I like the way she used practical examples on how she encourage her 3 children when they are younger ( who are already in their teens now ) and get them expose to different ways of saving,buying and spending and how  to reinforce their concept on money matters.
And some of the funny occasions whereby the grandparents are actually involved in helping
their grandchildren on the awareness of saving of money. These are by far some of the best tips she can provides to her readers.

But some of the ideas are quite old but it is no harm in bringing up the matter on the pro and cons on credit cards and what are good loans and bad loasn.You can give this portion a miss if you are already familiar with. So if you are interested, can go to your nearest national /Public library to borrow.