Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jyn's birth

It's been a long time since my last update of my blog.Here I am again.Just a little update , I have delivered last month 5th Jul to a beautiful and healthy baby Boy at Mount Alvernia hospital.We named him Jyn, Chen Jun Yu.He weighs at 2.965kg and 50 cm tall.It was a induced birth for me.Went for final checkup on week 40 and very anxious to hear from gynae that I am ready for delivery, but there's no sign of contraction for me yet. He suggested me to have induce birth on that day as the amnio water has already matured.He checked on my cervix and it is not opening yet , but he say the tissue was softern and I can be ready for delivery/He broke my waterbag at his clinic and he mentioned that I would be expected to deliver by 12mn or the earliest 10pm that evening.And I was suppose to check in to Mt.A following that.

It was a weird and uncomfortable feeling after the procedures completed and I called my husband to pick me up and rush to hospital.Finally reached Mt A at around 11 50am and i checked in and was brought to the delivery ward at level 4. I was instructed to change into the hospital dress immediate and lie down on bed. As this is my 1st delivery, alot of mixed feelings arose. Husband at same time went to register and doing the paper works at the counter.About 20 mins later, a senior nurse came in to check on me . She ask me if I want epidural and since I have make up my mind weeks before, I agreed and singed on the agreement .She explained to me that she is going to induce me by putting drips on me and anytime later ,if I want epidural, they will arranged and it will take around 1 hr to be effective ( time including informing and arrival of anestheaist who perform the insertion) That was really a scary experience as seeing the needle poking on my left hand.The drips work in a way that the nurse will come in to check and to turn on the drip to higher level to assist labour.It was a needle pain initially and the time was around 12:45pm.

Nurses who attended to me were all very nice and asking me to relax and they turn on TV on wall for me.Nurse came in around 1 30pm to check on the opening of my cervix and it was 2cm dilated.At the same time, turning on the drips to higher level.

At 3pm, another nurse rountined to check on my cervix opening , but this time she didnt say much and say not ready yet.But she suggested me to use the laughing gas if I want since this is included in my delivery package.The pain became intense that I have to use the gas every 1 min.At first , I feel better each time breathing the gas which make me abit giddy , it really has some numbing effect on the mind nerve.But as the pain get more intense, I feel the gas is not effective anymore.At around 3 +, nurse came in to check on me again.

She suggested to me that if I want to inject some kind of pain killer( not sure what it is call) and it may help to bring the pain to 50% lesser for an hr or go for epidural instead.Since the pain is quite intense but still bearable, I opt for the painkiller Jab which is included in the package for the 1st Jab.

The Jab lasted for me till around 5 30pm, The pain was so unbearable and sharp that I called the nurse for epidural. Nurse came and check my opening, and she told me that my cervix was already 8 cm dilated. She ask me if I want epidural and she need to call my gynae and the anesialogist.Not sure if I was too nervous or numb on my mind to make any decision, I reply say I am not sure .Nurse was a bit frustrated and went out to inform my gynae first.When nurse came back, she ask me in a more stern voice and say if I still want epidural, I told her this time that yes, I want it immediate. She like questioning me why am I so indecisive.

At the same time, nurse 2 came in, she ask nurse 1 since I am already 8 cm dilated it would be too late for epidural. I am ready for deliver and that time was already 6pm. After some preparation, nurse 1 ask me to try push, it was unsuccessful and she says I don't know how to push and ask me to stop pushing and wait for gynae to come.My gynae finally reach around 6 20pm.The moment when he stepped in, he praised me saying he very surprise that I did not use epidural at all ! Think in the past visits I cannot endure the pain "pushed" him when he checked on my cervix and he keep joking with me last time that he would suggest me to go for epidural during delivery.

Things start to get more serious and once gynae is ready and I am ready for push, he ask me to try.After like about 5 to 6 pushes , the baby was out at 6 43 pm.My gynae was very supportive and happy for me saying he never expected me to deliver so early without epidural and also without any assisted equipment since this my 1st pregnancy. As for me , it was really really really a memorable experiences for me and all the while I am worried for months on the delivery procedures and now it is finally over and thank god for giving me a healthy baby.

At first Gynae expected me to deliver around 12 hrs later after induced.