Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Reasons for reading aloud to children

I had abstract the below from a mother's blog and thought that it is good to share regarding essential of readiong alouds to children.

The 10 Benefits

1. Read-alouds promote listening skills

o Listening is a critical skill in the formation of language. The sooner babies are introduced to book language, the better. Books give additional practice in hearing the structure, grammar and word order of language.

o Each baby or children’s book has some element of language or a pattern, that when heard repeatedly, helps babies internalize book as well as spoken language.

o By listening, your child will eventually understand the meaning of what is being said. Soon he will begin speaking all those words he has heard from birth.

2. Read-alouds increase the number of vocabulary words babies hear

o What determines academically successful children is the amount of language or talk they hear per hour from adults in the first few years of life. The number of words babies hear each day is the single most important predictor of future intelligence, school success and social skills.

o Parents play a significant role in providing the quality and quantity of language necessary for their child’s academic success.

3. Read-alouds develop attention span and memory

o Children who are read to on a daily basis are known to have long attention span.

o Babies learn how to focus their attention in a quiet atmosphere, listen to your voice, remember what they hear and respond using body language, coos and blabbers until they can answer using their own words.

4. Read-alouds help babies learn uncommon words

o When you read to your baby, he hears both your words and the words from the book. Words from children’s books are different and more unusual than everyday conversational words.

o To excel in school, in the marketplace, and in life, every child needs access to the full range of commonly spoken words as well as the more uncommon written vocabulary of books.

5. Read-alouds help babies learn to understand the meanings of words

o Children learn vocabulary in the home from birth to five from hearing their parents, caregivers, and other adults talk and read to them. The amount of vocabulary children understand by the time they get to preschool determines how well they will achieve academically.

6. Read-alouds help babies learn concepts about print

o Understanding that they are supposed to get a message or meaning from print is a critical concept for toddlers to absorb.

o Around 18 mths, when parents start pointing to the words they’re reading, babies realize that many of the words coming out of dad or mom’s mouths come from those black squiggly lines on the pages of the books. Babies soon learn that the print on the page carries a message.

7. Read-alouds help babies learn to get information from illustrations

o Illustrations are almost as important as the text in baby books when it comes to generating language and inspiring the imagination. The illustrations or photographs are helpful in stimulating baby’s visual development.

o The best thing about the illustrations is that they encourage conversation.

8. Read-alouds promote bonding and calmness for both baby and parent

o Reading aloud is one of the easiest and least complicated of all the daily tasks that you do with your baby. It helps you bond and attach to your baby because you’re putting everything aside to give full attention to your precious little one.

9. Read-alouds stimulate the imagination and all the senses

o Listening to a storyteller or a story from a book that is dramatized, helps children learn to form images in their heads using sensual memories like how things feel, taste, smell, sound or look. This process helps children make sense out of what they hear and leads to good reading comprehension.

10. Read-alouds instill the love of books and learning

o Enjoying reading is an important part of the literacy equation because it involves the emotions and the motivation to read.

o When you read to your baby, you are giving your child some of life’s greatest gifts: the cuddly, loving warmth of a close, one-to-one daily read-aloud time, an enriched vocabulary that forever expands the mind, a knowledge of everything about books and all that can be learned from them, and a motivation and love of reading that will lead to a happy, successful life.