Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Some interesting debating topics on reading to child.


Flash cards

My brother has help to do some flashcard design using Jyn's photos.
Adorable? But I did not show Jyn on these flashcards . Just simply show him single words
without pic.

Peg Perego Pliko 3

Recently bought a Peg Perego Pliko 3 (compact ) stroller.But find that the canopy really doesn't pull down smoothly . Wondering what is really causing the problem.What really irritating is that whenever I am trying to pull the canopy down ( understand that this is not a full canopy ). The side clutch always came out no matter how I fix it back. I find that only this pooka dot model has this kind of problem. I have try the same model but with different design, all is ok.

Feedback to Spring Maternity regarding the non smooth technical part and the came out side clutch,But quite disappointing that the staff just simply reply me say that all the pooka dot design which they carry are like that( non smooth type ).Well .... they just simply do not want to change a new canopy to me even though it is still under warranty. They can only do is to feedback to their technical dept and to repair the side clutch only and this would take around 2 weeks. Cross my finger that it going to be fixed properly .

Monday, November 21, 2011

Added Educational /Art and Crafts Links

I have added couple of links on the right hand page. Take note that I do not earn any commissions from the sites . I am a new mother and I have been doing alot alot of researching on websites for any related good education informations or craft stuffs which I think they are good for me.This project started even before I was pregnant ! What a Kia su mother !
And now I would like to share with others who are following my blogs on the useful information with other mummies.
These may not be a complete links as I only added what interest me . I promise that there will be more interesting links along my blog journey.Do come back for more information :)

Jyn has turned 4 month old !

Times flies and before I know it ,I have return back to work from maternity leaves.I would say the 3 months are the most fullfilled moment with Jyn.I am taking care of him all by myself during the day and at night daddy will help me most of the time.Even though, it was tough at the beginnning , but I have managed through it. And I am totally grateful that Jyn is a happy and smiley baby all along.