Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Letter Knowledge

Recently I have notice that my little man has already started to recognize letters like "O" , "C" "l"
at nearly 21 month.This is a great milestone for Jyn .In order to achieve this, don;t ever force a kid to learn letter or force him to read. I have input some toys with reading( no question to the boy but just simply reading to him ).And on 7th April 2013, he has proved himself to me that he has been learning words during story reading session and I hear him say out the word "sheep ". This is one of the story he loves me to read to him "where is the green Sheep" by Mem Fox.Inside is simple text and teaching the concept of opposite
.It was a special  moment as we spend time exploring different kind of Sheeps.There are blue sheep, thin and fat sheep.Some sheeps even enjoy certain activtities like wind surfing, sun tanning etc. Great book for little ones if you are into these kind of topic