Sunday, November 11, 2012

Inspiration from Steve

Recently, I am obessed with books of great ,successful people.
The urgency of unlearn and relearn occurred to me as I feel life is short and feel like I am really lacking of some important knowleges in life.I came in touch with some great books which are written by gurus like Adam Khoo , Dennis Ng and Steven Jobs etc.Most books are teaching us about life and how to be successful by following their formulas.There are lots and lots of information on the net and in libraries as well.

There's a very significant behaviour that each of them possessed.PASSION.I love the book especially written by Leander Kahney on " inside steve's brain".It was one of the fastest book which I have completed ....withing 3 days.You can search on youtube and there's an interview on Steve Jobs on how to be successful.
He had mentioned about PASSION. It is the passion on computers that pushed him forward and make him a legend. I couldn't but agreed with him that without a PASSION, it will be extremely extremely hard for a person to succeed.Slowly, you will give up totally.

PASSION drive people to their fullest potential and it can really bring one to success.This is a simple rule and YET so far out to reach.

This is a book about inspiring and it brings us inside of how apple was started and how this genius of technology has changed and invade into part of our lifes. Truely inspiring.

He really adored on what he is doing and he expected people who work with him to be passionate in their work.That's his charm.

Though I am not a apple fan ( even though I hold a iphone ), but I truely give this man my respect on how a detailed person and his determination on bringing apple back to it's feet again and make it an invader in communication industry. 

It brought me tears on how cancer has robbed Steve's wellness at the peak of Apple's success and his determination to fight this detrimental illness .For apple fans, Im sure you will love this book.

This book is availabe in popular book store , but it can be borrow from local libraries as well.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Breakfast at Macdonald + Water Play - 4th Nov 2012

Today, we decide to bring Jyn for a whole new breakfast experience at ....MacDonald.Ok bad mummy to introduce "fast food" .Well, this is not everyday thing. I feel it is acceptable as this is not everyday food.
I need to be mindful on the nutrients on his daily intake. 

Cheeky him try to cut the pancake with his full strength by grenching his teeth.

His last trip to the Safra swimming was a total disaster.This time, we decided to bring him for some water "testing" at the northpoint children waterplay located @ 3rd level.

We did not bring any extra clothes as this is just a last minute plan to just view the place. Jyn was overwhelmed by the different kind of water play.
We try to encourage him by just touching the water . It was abit cold though.
The different level of water sprays was catered for different play.
It was not crowded as it was early around 10 45am.
After a few sec thoughts, I decided to head my mum's house for some dry towel and dry clothes for after play.

After about 30 mins of play, we decided to leave the place and dried him with new clothes.Jyn was so upset that we were leaving the place and start throwing tantrum. He screamed at the top of his voice just to attract attention. No choice, we need to handle and soothe him as he already looked very exhausted.
We will definitely make a come back for the play again considering it is just 5 mins walk from where my mum stayed.

@Universal Studio Singapore - 28 Oct 12 ( part II)

MUMMmmmmmmY returns ! It was coming to about noon time and it was REALLY HUMID & HOT ! The huge scuplture statues was facinating.

Actually we did not ride most rides , just most sight seeing and take photos.
then we came to a train ride at mummy theme park and decide to ride with Jyn.We really hope he would be obedient enough to sit still beside.

The ride waiting time is 15 mins, ok not too bad.It was around Jyn's afternoon nap time and he looked abit tired , with the humid and hot weather.
We need to give him pacifier to soothe him during the ride.

It was a non bumpy ride, but ride was abit short , whole journey is less than 10 mins.I think this is more suitable for young children . Not much surprises, and I think the black beetles looked extremely fake. If I will be back again , I will give it a miss next time.

Next theme is the Jurassic Park .

We try to make it a quick round as we feel quite exhausted after the long walk under the sun and decide to look for a eatery stop for a quick lunch.

We came to far far away land for a quick lunch and then headed over to the 4D movie of Shrek. It was a 25 mins show.This is quite impressive with the 4 D effects .Jyn was too scared to hear the sound effect . In the end we have to look for priority seats with no movement.I guess due to the cool aircon inside the theatre, Jyn slept during beginning of the show...

Next is the Madagascar theme . It was the show time featuring the penguine, giraffe and friends.It was hilarious with the Penguines dancing around while the spectators took photographs.

Finally , a family photos to end our trip !!

Overall, I think USS tour can be finished about half if the day.It was quite ok, but not specially impressive but still room for  improvement.
Firstly, the staffs who usher tourists for photo taking, isn't friendly at all !
They welcomed guests with black face when at the entrance of USS.

And most staffs lack of experience in guiding the queue as the instruction was not clear. Especially at the 4D Shrek theatre. It was a complete mess when guests are required to stand outside of the dark entrance before the movie start. Some staffs get the guests to sit along the wall, some just scattered around everywhere. When the threatre door is open, I was lost with direction on where to find the priority seats and had to go find the staffs for the seats.

I really hope to visit USS again with more add on and improvement

@Universal Studio SINGAPORE - 28 Oct 2012 ( Part 1) )

This week, we decided to head forward to a new adventurous place which is the USS. Before that , we feel that consider Jyn's age, the theme park may not be suitable for him.After mucn considering as I got a very good discounted rates for 4 and some free coupons for food and merchandise.We decided to move on with the plan.

It's a warm morning and we reached USS just after 9 am. Not many crowds even though it was a sunday .This maybe due to the exam period , haha. That's my point in trying to avoid the peak period of the year.Not too bad.

I stll remember the last one I went is USO year - Osaka Japan,2006
It was a good experience First thing, it is COOL as it is near spring season.
Weather was good and stuffs that were sold in the US is cute especially the pop corn containers.I hope USS will sound how receive good comments.


Jyn was so obessed with any figures that come with 2 arms and 2 legs
and round faces is automatic link to "BEAR" . He quickly run to the gingerbread man featured in Shrek and hugged him "BEAR BEAR !!"

Pop corn van !

I guess this transformer theme ride looks exciting, so decided to quickly queue up to see what's happening. Never expected, when we went inside, the next ride need to wait for 60 mins !!
Forget it , I can't wait for that long considering Jyn is not allow for the ride.

Back to the future theme