Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Book reading

We have done quite a number of readings recently, mostly before Jyn's bedtime.And I know that we both enjoy the bonding time together and I hope the feeling will last till ... when he is old enough to do reading on his own.

We have a list of owned books which I bought it from book fair or during shopping .And of course , some were borrowed from the local library. But I will try to balance both as understand young children love reptitions and by owning the books , I will be able to read his favourite books over and over again by picking off the shelve.Another advantage of owning books is children will ABSORB more on repetition. They will tend to remember well on the type of writing and of course increase his vocabulary library.

So this may act as an good excuse on buying books ;)

I will continue to add on the list of books we have spent reading together.These may not be award winning books , but I find them worth to read as I find that they have exceptional good contents inside.

The book "the itsy bitsy spider " is a well known rhyme that everyone including small children's favourite.
Frankly speaking, there are over hundreds of similar rhyme in the bookstore and library and what I love is the author , Iza Trapani put in different ways of retelling the rhyme .There are more than 2 ways of putting different words to this rhyme. And also I love the cool watercolour with pencil drawing on the pictures .It can be bought from amazon if you like to find out more.

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