Monday, July 15, 2013

Jyn Turns 2 !

We have been preparing quite some time ago on the theme on Jyn's 2nd birthday.Finally , we decided to fix on soccer theme this time. Balls are always his favourite and this is quite a simple theme to do as well.This year will be a smaller scale celebration compare to his 1st one and it is much much easier.My mum decided to cook some home dishes and my uncle volunteered to help out. He is one great home chef and we love his cooking yum yum !

             1 year old theme - army                              2 yr old theme - soccer
 Washing up before party begins

dah dah, soccer jersey

    And ......... Ben and Jerry ice cream cake ! The cake was slightly late as the customer service called up to say the ice cream has melted and they are rushing to make another for the occasion.Ok , at least they were bothered to call.The ice cream cake seems to melt quite fast even though there's dry ice to keep the coolness.And it was quite messy during the cake cutting ceremony due to this.

 It was a total success and I am glad our guests enjoyed all the food !

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